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Selling your products and services in China

Launch your brand sales in China with Hua Marketing

 Promoting and distributing your goods and services in China  Delivering extended market research of your business industry Localizing your product or service for Chinese customers

HUA MARKETING business with China

why you might be interested in our services

We offer marketing and sales for your company in China in case you are


Cannot conduct market research without knowledge of Chinese language and market diversities


Doubt whether your product / service is properly localized and matches the mentality of Chinese consumers


Do not know how to acquire customers in China, where traditional marketing sources such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are banned


Going to collect payments from customers via WeChat Pay and Alipay because Visa, MasterCard and American Express are banned in China


Wish to sell your products / services on own website, Chinese TaoBao, JD, TMall e-commerce platforms, or Chinese Apple and Android app stores


Do not have a Chinese entity to register and verify marketing and distribution channels


Do not own ICP, Software Copyright and other Chinese necessary licenses


Do not have a dedicated team to work with China

what we do

We provide full-service or customized services at your request:

    Thorough market research of your industry in China, competitors and target audience

    Go-to-market plan with the most targeted distribution and marketing channels, as well as budget suggestions, plan execution

    Product localization in Chinese, adopting it to the mentality of Chinese consumers, domestic UX and UI

    Store establishment on TMall, TaoBao, JD, WeChat, publishing your application on local Apple and Android app stores

    Integration your website with Alipay and WeChat Pay - Chinese payment methods

    Customer acquisition from Baidu, WeChat, QQ, Douyin, Xiaohongshu and other domestic marketing sources

    Obtaining ICP, Software copyright, Gaming and other licenses relevant to your business

    Customer support in Chinese via hotline and messengers.

what you receive

Hua Marketing delivers working business and sales growth in China

HUA MARKETING business with China

our advantages

Why companies choose Hua Marketing

01/ Aimed to reach your goals

Our portfolio includes 875+ brands that have reached customers and grown sales in China.

02/ Versatile experience

We have successfully scaled sales in China for software, games and mobile application development companies, food and beverage manufacturers.

03/ Powerful expertise

We combine our global experience and strong local proficiency in legal, finance, marketing and distribution.


years on the market


successful projects


team members in different provinces of China


manufacturing partners


years on the market


successful projects


team members in different provinces of China


manufacturing partners

HUA MARKETING business with China



CleanMyMac X and CleanMy®Phone applications launch and selling in China

how we work

We lead the scaling of your business in China from market analysis to growing sales

Complimentary consultation

Fill out the form on our website. We will contact you shortly and arrange an introductory call to clarify your goals and advise you on opportunities in the Chinese market.


We will send you a brief to fill in the details (eg product features, expected results).

Commercial offer

We will prepare an offer to solve your business needs, with an estimated budget, timing and list of works. After its approval, we will sign the contract (if necessary, we can split the project into several contracts and milestones).



We will conduct in-depth market research on your industry, competitors and target audience in China.

Go-to-market strategy

We will create an extended strategy for your business's successful entry into the Chinese market, suggesting the most targeted marketing and distribution channels.

Strategy implementation

We will localize your product or service, establish distribution channels in China and acquire customers by following our strategy.

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HUA MARKETING business with China