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Procurement of parts for electronic equipment

Client: WSE (Kazakhstan)


Client’s pains and goals

WSE is a manufacturer of high-tech automated equipment. The company uses spare parts to develop electronic devices in industrial automation (circuitry, commissioning). The Procurement Manager had little knowledge of factories in China which produce the required parts. He did not speak Chinese, had no direct contact with the manufacturers, and could not conduct quality inspections. WSE approached Hua Marketing with a request to find a manufacturer, order production and quality checks.

  • What we delivered for WSE:

    Established direct contacts with factory managers. Visited manufactures, conducted production inspections, received price lists. Made a commercial offer for the client with a comparative analysis of manufacturers. After the client decided on a shortlist of factories, we ordered samples, evaluated their quality, and suggested a factory for a wholesale order. Made wholesale production and inspected quality.Arranged customs documents and shipped the parts to Kazakhstan.

  • Result

    WSE received an uninterrupted supply of spare parts from China to Kazakhstan at the best prices and guaranteed quality, allowing him to produce equipment and maintain profitability.

We have been working with Hua Marketing for over 2 years and received 9 orders during that time. The agency always promptly responds to our requests, provides good prices, comparative analysis and recommendations. We are satisfied with our collaboration.

Zhanbolat Sharmeydenov, Procurement Manager


China offers huge business opportunities. Use them right now!

Kate Kachan, Founder of Hua Marketing