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Acquiring Chinese buyers to the Sigep exhibition in Rimini

Client: Sigep (Italy)


Client’s pains and goals

Sigep is the world's largest B2B exhibition in the cakes and coffee industry. To increase manufacturers' interest in exhibiting their products at Sigep, the organizers decided to invite Chinese buyers from HoReCa chains and food retail. The organizers did not speak Chinese, did not have direct contacts of C-level managers of targeted companies, so they addressed a request to Hua Marketing.

  • What we delivered for Sigep:

    Made a pipeline of Chinese food retail companies, coffee shops and restaurants chains that might be invited to the exhibition. Localized exhibition booklets and official invitations in Chinese, adopted them to Chinese mentality. Found direct contacts of C-level managers from target companies. Reached out to managers and invited them to the exhibition. Provided tourist support for the Chinese delegation: visas, airline tickets, hotels. Invited translators and provided language support for Chinese buyers at the exhibition.

  • Result

    50 С-level Chinese managers who are decision-makers in procurement visited the exhibition. It allowed the manufacturers who presented their products to sign new contracts, while Sigep organizers enhanced their reputation as one of the best exhibitions in the world in the industry.

We are pleased to express our gratitude for your efforts in helping the exhibition to acquire the Chinese delegation. We have been working with Hua Agency for many years and have benefited from it. It has proven to provide a first-class service and demonstrates comprehensive professionalism, knowledge and efficiency. We are happy to continue working together.

Pedro Morandi, Buyers Acquisition Manager


China offers huge business opportunities. Use them right now!

Kate Kachan, Founder of Hua Marketing